Where Bariatic Weight Loss meets a "Die-Hard Foodie" and chaos ensues.

Noncompliant and Happy


When you have weight loss surgery of any kind there is a certain amount of change you must embrace.  When you have the Roux en Y in specific there is a drastic change in pretty much everything food related in your life.  You have to embrace that refined sugars are a thing of the past.  You have to embrace that your alcohol consumption has to decrease to teetotaler.  You have to embrace that that love affair you had with all things carb is pretty much a done deal.  You learn quickly that portion size is a static concept and you are no longer able to eat a “cup” or “bowl” of anything.  Everything is measured in ounces and takes forever to eat.

I knew all of this going in.  I got it.  I understood it.  I embraced it.  Until…

That’s right, until I realized that the regimen they put you on after surgery is extremely cookie cutter.  It is as if somehow the doctors and dieticians believe your taste buds died when they sectioned off your stomach and intestines.  Well it is this cookie cutter approach that has sent me off the reservation.  Yup, I have gone rogue.  I thought long and hard about this and to my way of thinking what can they do — take the surgery back?  Yeah, that’s not an option.  So I have set myself free!

What does that mean?  It means that at 3 1/2 months post surgery I am going to eat fresh fruits.  They keep me regular and taste better than that no sugar fruit cocktail they want me to eat.  That crap is disgusting!  I am going to eat raw spinach for the exact same reason.  I am going to eat steak (well tenderized) in addition to the approved meats like chicken, turkey, and seafood.  And when I feel like it I am going have bacon!  Not that fake cardboard turkey bacon crap, but real from the pig bacon.

However, I am still going to work out for at least an hour 5 days a week.  I am still going to avoid refined/processed sugar.  I will maintain my portion control and NOT over eat.  I will not stress eat.  I will take my vitamins.  I will eat fast food as a last resort only.  And lastly, I will continue to look for healthier ways to cook and prepare the things I love.

I believe there is a disconnect between the reality of why a person chose to have this surgery and what life is really like afterwards.  I recognize that unlike some folks, I will now have to be very diligent about how I eat; however, that in no way means that food should be my enemy or any less enjoyable because I can only eat a few ounces.

I refuse to go through the rest of my life with some cookie cutter notion that I can only have what’s on this approved list.  To hell with the list.  The list sucks and the food on it is nasty.  So, I am back.  I’m back to cooking, and eventually I may even return to baking.  You can eat well and healthy without sacrificing taste and enjoyment!

I am now down 93lbs.  YAY!


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