Where Bariatic Weight Loss meets a "Die-Hard Foodie" and chaos ensues.

I know that’s a strong title isn’t it.  But, let’s be honest for a second folks only the dark lord or one of his minions would come up with something as disgusting as protein shakes.  They are chalky, they have that disgusting smell no matter what you mix it with, and they have an aftertaste that just lingers in the back of your throat for hours.  Now, maybe if I wasn’t such an adventurous eater with a pretty refined palate it wouldn’t bother me as much, but this part of my weight loss journey is worse than feeling hungry all the time but only eating 1400 calories. 

I’m NEVER hungry anymore.  I eat on a schedule.  Mon-Fri I eat “breakfast” by 8am when I get in the office from the gym, lunch at 1 and dinner by 6.  Sat-Sun I eat an hour after I wake up and then I fit in 2 more meals as the day progresses.  But eating is not fun right now.  Everything is a protein load.  No variety.  No variation.  Just chicken, turkey, cheese and the dreaded protein shake.  My meals are so bland I thought I’d have a *ahem*… I was way to excited for my first bite of fat free Babybel cheese yesterday.  The ladies in the lunch room looked at me like I had lost my mind, but it was different and my palate was like “YEA!!!!!!”

So yes, I am not, nor will I ever be, a fan of “diet food”  It sucks and one thing this process has taught me is that I can eat healthy without resorting to this food of the devil.  I know I am locked into and stuck with this crap for a while longer, but I cannot wait until I can get back in the kitchen and try new healthy recipes with real food.  When I am finally advanced to the place where my diet is normalized my calorie intake should be at 1100 calories a day (currently at 400-500).  I believe those calories should count!


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