Where Bariatic Weight Loss meets a "Die-Hard Foodie" and chaos ensues.

That Was Quick

Ok, first let me say that my emotional pity party roller coaster is now over.  Yes, those first 2 weeks post surgery were treacherous, but now that I am on the other side and back to work I recognize my hormones were out of whack and the fear of losing my hair was probably a little dramatic.  Thank you for putting up with my crazy. 

Now onward and downward…  So, my boobs left this week.  There was a mass exodus of about 2 cup sizes.  It was like I went to bed a size H and woke up an F.  Now to those ladies who struggle to fill a B cup I understand that you don’t feel my pain.  I accept that, but I have always been buxom and this was a comedy of errors.  Now mind you I knew it was coming, but I thought I had more time.  The girls just lost a goodly portion of their heft and that meant that all those bras I bought in January were obsolete.  Its like someone stole all of my “side boob” and there is nothing worse than having to leave the house when the twins are not correctly situated.  Nothing makes you look homeless faster than a bad bra and pants that don’t fit.   

I went to Lane Bryant’s to get fitted for new slings for my downsized twins and well let’s just say I now understand why so many women wear poorly fitted bras.  Ladies no matter what the woman with the tape measure says — when you look in the mirror if the girls are not sitting in the middle of you chest (think 1/2 way between your elbow and shoulder) then the bra does not fit.  If you are spilling from the top, bottom or sides of the bra then your cup size is too little.  The dreaded 4 boob is of the devil and should be destroyed!

So now I have 1 new bra that fits correctly… All is right with the world again.  Now if I can only figure out a way to combat the saggy booty of too big pants… This happened really fast folks. 


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